Dimitris Gketsis: FAWN installation at SHOWCASE Festival

Dimitris Gketsis: FAWN installation at SHOWCASE Festival


June 24 - July 4, 2105

Semio Theater


 "We all have diligence on our work and we'd like to boast about producing it. I would desire to be able to state that I have been actively connected with the new generations' artists of this place. Every world has its disadvantages. Nonetheless, I find optimism in the fact that I met many individuals with true passion for their art and the desire to right the wrongs of our small artistic community as well as those of the broader society. In times of trouble, when our faith and our will are put on the test, art should stand as a shield and provide comfort. It should be expressed loudly and multiformly without being silenced, it should be able to unite people and be a source of hope and vision for the future, through its ideas and forms.

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Under these thoughts I would like to offer my support to the worthy art group C.A.S.A. (Contemporary Art Showcase Athens), providing them with whichever means I have- mostly the space of the theatre Simeio- in order for them to exhibit their work approaching a wider audience than that of the visual arts. I consider CASA to be a medium for a new and hopeful tendency in art, the gathering of sources and the common claim for change concerning our practices and their functions. Moreover, CASA expresses a transition from forced and selective structures of the past to those of a democratic and receptive future. This exhibition simply comes to seal a feeling that we long had but did not exactly understand. How the cultural management passes from its usual operators to the artists themselves. CASA, during these few months of its operation has presented an impressive course, considering the harsh conditions of our era. It has created a loyal and vast audience, substantial relationships with individuals and bodies of culture in Greece, Europe, America and Japan, forming- without above or external interference- a type of organisation that includes remarkable new artists. 

So we can conclude that CASA has been since its first acts a significant art group, being at the same time a dynamic substantiation of the new social and broad structures that art adopts.

Theatre Simeio has its first roots inside a time period very similar to our own when art was also transforming and people were struggling for better living conditions. Since then, it has followed a route of novelty functioning under its own terms and values. One of these- and probably the most significant- is the presentation and support of young and new artists. We consider it our honor to provide a platform for expression. We share their passion for evolution and change. In such a changing environment everything seems to get lost but regains power. That, along with an attitude of sharing are the strengths of our culture. Both these tendencies are being thoroughly shaped thanks to the collaboration, the exhibition and the catalogue which I very gladly prologue. "

Alexandros Diamandis, Artistic Manager of Semio Theater



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Production | Contemporary Art Showcase / Semio Theater
Curator | James Simbouras
Assistant Curator | Stella Javara
Artistic Director for Semio Theater | Alexandros Diamantis