Thodoris Trambas | Syn +

Thodoris Trambas developed and presented the "Syn+" project in the context of ACTS OF ENGAGEMENT, a ten-day collaborative working cycle for art in the  public sphere, organized by C.A.S.A. in the context of the Athens Biennale AB5to6.  Through the program artists and researchers from Greece and abroad explore in a ten-day workshop the role of art outside conventional art spaces and how audiences and residents can be involved into action while re-examining the function of the urban public space of Omonoia square, in the center of the city of Athens.

The "Syn+" performance focuses on people’s connection with one another. In his attempt to wrap a transparent plastic membrane around himself and his viewers, the artist ties himself tight up to another person, then to somebody else and so forth. After the creation of a complex net resembling an umbilical cord that keeps all  close together, the least movement of a single person is communicated to the entire cluster of the tied up participants arousing the need for a collective physical awareness. It is, in fact, a transparent net that captures everything inside as it spreads all over the place from the one end to the other. A developing activity which the viewer is invited to get involved with, to trust, to keep it going or put an end to the performance.