The Performative Fest of the Commons on Avdi Square

Adonis Adoniou : Public action on Avdi Square

Adonis Adoniou : Public action on Avdi Square

For one evening, through the organization of a collective festival, with participatory performances and other group actions, the public space of Avdi Square is transformed into a place of coexistance, co-creation and celebration, through the participation of the neigborhood residents, and solidarity groups active in the field of the commons.

Confronting the divisions that characterise the central neigborhood of Metaksourgeio, an area swinging rapidly between the forces of gentrification and de-investment, inertia and tolerance, we take an active role as artists in relation to the character of the space, so as to support the right of collective use and formulation by the neigborhood residents themselves, with open acess beyond segregations based on sex, place of origin and income. 

Through symbolic and tactical acts, we attempt to support the creation of new temporary points of coverlap between artistic and social action - spaces where the lines of division between creators and public are blurred, with an understanding of art in the public sphere as a subvertive call for participation under the economic, institutional and political radar.

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The folk-fest, as a public expression, can be said to have always stood as an allegory for the cosmic battle between two periods, one that is descending and a new one that is arriving. It is recognised as the ritual of the world turned upside-down. It's aim is at an undefined future that has yet to come to fruition, that is ruled by horizontality, direct empowerment, equality and brotherhood; an opening to the new, that brings with it the concepts of transformation and renewal, opposing any attempt of predefinition and categorization, a condition where all are simultaneously judges and receivers of satire and critique.

It reminds and performs the inevitability of succession, where, from the viewpoint of the new, the old, with it's limitations and rules, is transformed into an absurdity and transgressed, inviting all to partake in that momentary awakening. 



Contributing to the Performative Fest of the Commons on Avdi Square:


The self-organised group of Refugee Minors from Afghanistan from Malakasa Camp.

Collective Social Kitchen "The Other Person"

The House of Women: For Empowerment and Emancipation

Stephanos Ganotis and the folk group "Perperouna".

Performances by: Kostas Voulgaris / Francesco Kiais / Filippos Vasileiou / SoCrates / Kostas Skylos / Antonis Antoniou



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