Fatma Ergkiounker | Location-Allocation

What is the sense that a narration of the view of a city leaves us with, the recognition of our position within the man-made world? What is the image that the city imprints in us of its past, its presence, even its future? What are the relationships that we create with its every-day spaces?

In “Location – Allocation” artist Fatma Ergkiounger attempts a multi-layered dialogue between the artist, the specificity of location, and the viewer. Maps, sculptures of paper networks, found objects and collage work compose an installation that attempts to represent snap-shots, sequential moments of the every-day movement within the urban fabric, and the ebbs and flows of the city. Starting from the reference point of the map of the city as key to the reading of the space, Ergkounger approaches the idea of location not only as landmark, but also as a point of transit for flows and currents, that is constantly being reconstituted through our thoughts and emotions. Ergkiounger begins constructing the composition with grand-scale prints of aerial photography and city maps from which she expands the notion of the urban “web” and “route” into collage work and sculptures made from envelopes, paper-bags, newspapers, bus tickets and package material, transmitting the experience of the city and depositing conceptually processed imprints of daily life. The variations of viewpoints are achieved by describing the distance by using real-time tools such as Google Earth, and by the scale of the work enclosing the viewer. In the context of the Transmission festival in Athens, a talk by the artist accompanied by documentational and research material from Ergkounker is presented at the Bagkeion, focusing on the development of the project and site  – specific research.