Kostas Voulgaris | id8

The artist, whose head is obstructed and enclosed in a specially modified plexiglas box, moves around the exhibition space and interacts with the visitors and participants. The public is invited to interact with the performer either verbally or in a tactile way, thereby enforcing a direct relationship with the performer’s body. The performer is unable to see and is thus directed around the space with the assistance of the public. The box in which the performer’s head is enclosed in is attached to an arduino – controlled system of sensors and lights, programmed to cause real-time colour and light strobing alterations, via monitoring the performer’s heartbeats and breathing frequency and intensity. The head gear device and electronic circuitry is provided by the artist. The performance took place at the Bagkeion at Transmission art festival in Athens in the context of the collaboration between C.A.S.A. and the Athens Biennale,and also at at the parallel Transmission exhibition at the Orgelfabrik in Karlsruhe, Germany. In both locations the performance takes place as a durational work throughout the various spaces of the exhibition.