Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou | performance

The work comprises of a performance that combines dance, sound, and a video-projection in the space. The performer is wearing a sculpture-costume, and generates a field of sound via a vocal performance and use of objects and piezo microphones.

The work is based on the famous ballet and music of “Swan Lake” by the composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky. A transformation of the entire ballet and the ideals it presents, into an absurd, grotesque and sarcastic dance. The main characters of the story, the “good” white and the “bad” black swan, are multiplied into an entire forest of humanized animals. A choreography at the verge of parade, playing with the stereotypes of identity, gender roles and sexuality we project upon nature. The elegance, beauty and fragility of the female swan is replaced by the humiliated image of “savage”, “sweet”, and “funny” humanized animals, a jungle full of absurd monstrous animals with degenerate identities, at once recognizable and unfamiliar. The airy dance is ruled by fits of movement, comical elements and physicality. The focus of the work is the fragmentation of the stereotypical duality of “good” and “evil”, “true” and “false”, “right” and “wrong”, stereotypes that are deeply ingrained as much into our perception of our own identities as in our perception of the natural world.

The work was performed at Transmission art festival in Karlsruhe, Germany, and at the Bagkeion Athens Biennale building, in the opening of Transmission art festival Athens.