Muhammad Taymour | The Pine Tree

" 'The Pine Tree' is a  short video about finding homeland, documenting our exploration of Finland as a country to find any chance that it might be our new homeland.
How do humans transfer from country to country and how can they accept the idea of migration?
Can we leave our original homeland and find a substitute? Can we migrate to another place easily and leave all our memories?
Finland is not the suitable country for us and its just so beautiful from inside but it never shows the inner beauty easily with all these fences they are putting in the face of migrants and foreigners."

Muhammad Taymour is an Egyptian Artist born in 1985, he started to be interested in Photography when he was 22 years old, his work is influenced by Abstract, Surreal & Conceptual art. The interest turned gradually into filmmaking & video art to express thoughts in more convenient way. Taymour seeks creative approaches for narrating stories.

"The Pine Tree" was presented to the public as part of the Transmission Video-Art Exhibition in Athens, at BIOS Cultural Center and the Bagkeion in the context of Transmission Art Festival Athens - Karlsruhe in collaboration with the Athens Biennale.