Christina Werner | Our Freedom

In her new installation entitled "The Boys Are Back", Werner deals with right-wing European networks and their representation and presence in the media. What began with the project "Neues Europa" continues in the approach of the new installation and explains Christina Werner’s artistic strategy with still photographs and videos—or, as Elisa Garzón Vecino fittingly describes it in an exhibition text: “The academic and political character of the work is made art by the highly conceptual background.” The installation "The Boys Are Back" consists of four video loops, a poster, two photo collages, one photograph, a map, five pedestals, as well as the magazine "Neues Europa", which was created as part of the project with the same name, and three black Molton curtains. The first photo collage, entitled The Boys Are Back in Town II, consists of three photos layered over one another, and the second, entitled Identitarian Movement, is composed of six layered photos.

Through the act of repetition, which not only manifests itself in the collages but also in the poster as well as the video loops, Werner emphasizes her thesis of the constant repetition of history. At a time in which the discourse on socio-political problems and questions is rapidly shifting toward the right in Europe, Christina Werner seeks to sensitize the viewer to recognize the fragility of the democratic system and the perfidious strategy with which the right wing seeks to assert itself in society. “Save and expand Europe!” as the philosopher Susan Neiman recently stated as a motto for these times. This is the only chance “that this imperfect world has to preserve the important legacy of the Enlightenment.”
Text: Ingo Taubhorn

Christina Werner * in Baar (CH) lives and works in Vienna (A)

// 2007-2013
Photography class/Prof. Tina Bara & Intermedia class/Prof. Alba D´Urbano
Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig (D); Diploma: February 2013


EXHIBITION (selection)

// 2016

Exhibition tour epea03 "Shifting Boundaries": upcoming
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Paris (F)
Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, Lucca (IT)
Nobel Peace Center, Oslo (NO)
Deichtorhallen Hamburg (D)

"Beam me up", flat 1, Vienna (A), upcoming

"Beam me up", Oberösterreichischer Kunstverein (A), upcoming

"Elsewhere is Nowhere", group show, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (TW), upcoming

// 2015

"All that is", "Beam me up", Kunstverein Baden (A)

"TEXT:BILD/BILD:TEXT II Symbiose", artist book "Neues Europa", Fotogalerie Wien (A)

"Handapparat der Neugierde", group show, Galerie IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna (A)

TEXT:BILD/BILD:TEXT Transformation, "Pipal", Gruppenausstellung, Fotogalerie Wien (A)

Die Weisse ab Haus Verkaufskunstschau #4, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna (A)

"Abendlandschaften", Videoscreening, Motorenhalle Dresden (D)

// 2014

Gute Aussichten-Junge Deutsche Fotografie 2013/2014:

"Pipal", Haus der Photographie/Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (D)

"Pipal", Goethe Institut Washington DC (USA)

"Pipal", Goethe Institut Nicosia, (ZY)

"Pipal", Museum Villa Stuck, Munich (D)

"Pipal", Goethe Institut Mexiko Stadt/City (MX)