Shlomi Greenspan | Manifestation

Manifestation (2014) is a single channel video installation that explores the complex and quite often destructive correlation between speed, technology and the glitch. The 12 minute video loop of a stutterer restaging Italian poet F.T Marinetti’s 1909 notorious Futurist Manifesto highlights these ideas by contrasting the impassioned rhetoric for omnipresent speed with the performer's speech impediment impeding his own message.

Manifestation underlines the polarity of Marinetti’s ardent call for a radical and violent movement that embraces omnipresent speed in contemporary life. While technological acceleration creates progress it also cultivates the possibility for the unexpected malfunction, the glitch within a system that is too fast to keep up with its own expectations. As French philosopher Paul Virilio so wisely pointed out, the invention of the train was also the invention of the train wreck. Manifestation highlights this dichotomy, engaging the viewer in the balance between aggression and failure to perform.

Shlomi Greenspan is an Israeli artist based in Toronto. He studied at the Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv and at OCADU where he received his BFA. His work has been featured in museums, artists-run centres and festivals nationally and internationally. He recently showcased his work as part of the Underground Refrigerator Project in Tel Aviv and at the Textile Museum of Canada.

"Manifestation" was presented in the Transmission Video Art Exhibition, that took place in Athens at BIOS Cultural Center and the Bagkeion in the context of the Athens Biennale AB5to6 "Omonoia".

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