Ran Ancor | Watching You

This work refers to us and our lives considered as a data set, as generators of personally identifiable information, as objects of cluster analysis and sources for metadata matching algorithms. 
The vast amounts of data we create as we go through our lives, represents our actions, interests, intentions, communications, locations, relationships and behaviors. It's aggregated by third party trackers and targeters looking to deliver advertising, content and services to us, and also used by global surveillance programs for the cybernetic control of the society.
But when the quantitative methods used in science and business, are applied to the personal sphere there is always a reduction of complexity. The process of capture of life into data, the quantification of life, it is a lossy compression, that uses inexact approximations, rounding and truncation, producing overload distortion and quantization errors. In a sequence of calculations, these errors generally accumulate, and often very strong assumptions are made about mathematical properties that may not at all reflect what is really going on at the level of micro-processes.
In remote data centers overseas we are all constantly monitored and object of capture, storage, search, analysis and visualization. Inductive statistics and concepts from nonlinear system identification reveal relationships, dependencies and perform predictions of outcomes and behaviors. 
We are all these numbers.

Ran Ancor, is a Berlin based artist who is mainly dedicated to light research and video experimentation. He studied epistemology with a minor in computers, then started to work in between art and informatics. During last years he did electronic AV live-set, VJing, light installations and wearable performances. Most significant elements in his video works are immateriality, movement and metamorphosis, visual fluxus, fusion with sound and space. In 2001 he founded eXtraLight Advanced Visuals, focusing on the light as substance through its expression in the form of light performances, visuals and installations.

"Watching You" was presented in the Transmission Video Art Exhibition, that took place in Athens at BIOS Cultural Center and the Bagkeion in the context of the Athens Biennale AB5to6 "Omonoia".