Mauricio Saenz | Drift / Ruins


“Drift” explores the dangers refugees face as they cast themselves adrift in search of a haven and presents water as the element causing this situation as a contradiction from it is being protected from.


“Ruins” exposes the idea of obstruction by means of a visible or invisible limit, materialized through the remains of what once was a space delimited by walls. Falling back on the memory of what came down as the representation of the future destruction of what now exists, this video reveals blockade through the concept of construction and the parallelisms found between erecting walls physically and the creation of social barriers, in this case reflected in the action of delimiting spaces and applying the same material in the individual’s geography to represent the analogy. The idea of the social ruins implied is reinforced with the use of ashes as a residue of what is left behind and as an eventual result of the upbringing of physical and social boundaries.

Mauricio Sáenz (b. 1977, Matamoros, Mexico) is a visual artist with a multidisciplinary practice spanning installation, sculpture, video and performance. His work offers new interpretations on the concept of impossibility and its relativity by means of elements that emphasize confinement and dissolve the line between reality and myth. He has displayed his work at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil and Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos in Mexico City, Museo de Arte del Banco de la República in Bogota, Galerie Art Virus in Frankfurt, Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, and Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans, as well as in countries such as France, Switzerland, Canada, Argentina, and Israel.