Ira Konyikhova | A Conquest

A lunch in nature, a lonely dancer and a story of the conquest of canary islands, a phantasmagoric text inspired from mail written by Giovanni Boccaccio after his first Portuguese-Italian expedition to the islands. Two layers - visual and vocal are intertwining involuntarily and raising questions of what is said and what is factored out. 
The colonialistic past of canary islands transposed to holiday and relax resort-situation of the present day. The imperialistic colonialism presented here not in militarism and propaganda, but in a silent vanitas-like picnic attending by three young women. The past, the present, and the invented are here -not the fixed categories- but interacting entities, which transfer one into another. 

Ira Konyukhova was born in Moscow, Russia, and lives in Karlsruhe, Germany.  
2014 - ongoing Academy of Arts and Design Karlsruhe, media art diploma (Michael Bielicky and Vadim Fishkin)
2014 Iceland Fine Arts Academy, Reykjavik
2011-14 The Mainz Academy of Arts, diploma in photography (Andrea Büttner and Judith Samen
2014 Film and Media Promotion Prize of Rhineland-Palatinate
2014 Erasmus Scholarship / Iceland Fine Arts Academy
2013 Germany Scholarship for Talented Students