Ada Birecka | I cannot stop

Ada Birecka was born in Opole (1992), where she did her bachelor studies of Fine Arts at the Opole University. She is currently studying Fine Arts at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź.

Her work focuses on the subject of the individual as an independent mechanism, but also as a part of a bigger, consistent organism. Through her work she also likes to raise the subject of human mind and its aberrations. "I would like to share emotions trough my art. Emotions such as empathy, acceptance, respect and love - not in a sexual way, but simple, unconditional love. I take my inspiration from traveling and instinctive, true behavior, which I find in children and the animal world."

The video is about being in an abeyance, feeling motionless or helplessness. The idea appeared from a condition when a fear, panic, tiredness and stress are taking over us control. But this state of abeyance can be also done of one’s own free will. It can take you to the place between your mind and your physical self. Being in an abeyance can help you to live without any cultural or social conditioning. It's a state without any borders or limits.

Of course, you can always go back and have both feet on the ground.