Emilia Bouriti | Performative lecture : Post-industrial Agrarian Routes

Talk at the ACTS OF ENGAGEMENT conference, September 18, 2016,  at the Bagkeion.

Emilia Bouriti is a choreographer and artist. She studied Performance and Visual Art with a master in Performance at Brighton University. Her work combines performance and installation, as she works on a site specific basis. She also creates "integrated performance" works, where body movement, the spoken word, visual art and music create a dynamic dialogue. Emilia teaches part-time at Fontys University Holland and at the Athens School of Fine Art.

In her public talk at the Bagkeion, Emilia conveys her recent experiences from the development of  "Post- industrial Agrarian Routes" a participatory site specific performance that was created at Aspropyrgos, the artist's birthplace.
Two videos taken during the action of the performance and through testimonies of the participants as part of Thriasia Festival 2016.
The artwork was created in Aspropyrgos, which is located 18 kilometers from Athens, has 30,000 residents today coexist with many immigrants of different nationalities. 
This town has been exclusively rural and unfolds the story of the history of Greek development from agricultural to industrial and then to the post-industrial era. 
The project is experiential and inspired by the rural life, the cultivation of food and the post-industrial phase of the area. 

Concept & performance Emilia Bouriti; Direction, photography video & editing by Panos Vittorakis