Tomas Diafas "I want an art superior to me 2"

The Banner with the slogan "We want an art for the starving, no more art-works for the privilaged" is part of the performance "I want an art superior to me" that took place in the frame of the Acts of Engagement  exhibition, a collaboration between C.A.S.A. and the Athens Biennale. The work was exhibited on the facade of the Bagkeion building on Omonoia square for four days. The development of the work by Tomas Diafas addresses the question  "Can you survive by producing art for the starving? / how much does a socially engaging art-work cost? / Who sets the price? / Who converts it into a masterpiece and where must it be exhibited in order for it to be given prominence? / Diafas exhibits the Banner at various locations in the city and invites the public to spare him some change, so that he might continue to produce art for the starving, while being himself full.