Pirate Cinema Berlin's Psychogeographic Short Film Festival at EMBROS

Short Psychogeographic Film Festival, screenings and C.A.S.A. performances on the 18th of November 21.00 - 6.00, and the 19th of November 21.00-6.00, at the Occupied self-organised theater EMPROS

With a short introduction by Pirate Cinema Berlin: "Tracing a small number of (mostly historic) strategies for the reappropriation of both urban space and moving images".

In the context of the Pirate Cinema Berlin short Psychogeographical Film Festival in Athens, Dimitra Mitsaki (C.A.S.A / Collectiva Balkana) curates a series of participatory performance art and new-media works within the thematic framework of  open-source, technological mediation and copy-left. Participating artists: Tizo All (Brazil) / Kostas Voulgaris (Greece) /  Tomas Diafas (Greece).