In addition to the exhibition program in the Orgelfabrik Durlach in Karlsruhe for Transmission Festival, the exhibition in C.A.S.A.’s partner venue OWL Art Space focuses on presenting a curated investigation into the artistic processes for a selection of projects. Participating artists Fatma Ergkiounger, Fotis Karageorgiou, Alyssa Moxley and James Simbouras, through an exhibition video and audio material from their personal archives, live performances and artist talks presented in the space, lift the curtain to give the viewer an intimate and inviting insight into the creative process. The resulting multimedia environment of the exhibition focuses on exposing the relationships between artistic processes, local contexts, collaborative exchanges, social situations, and the viewer. Several of the participating works also embody elements of action and live performance on location in the exhibition space and the surrounding area, suggesting the works as open ended-structures, subject to change reconstitution and flux. Artist talks and live performance actions are planned to be broadcasted via live stream between the main space of the Transmission festival at the Orgelfabrik in Karlsruhe.